A night away

Every year Mr K. and I try to do something nice to celebrate our wedding anniversary and we wanted this year to be no different. As our wedding anniversary is today, we decided that a weekend treat would be the best option. So we picked a hotel that we know and love and booked ourselves in.

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Little Tikes cozy coupe activity walker.

The little lady has been showing some interest in being on her feet, so we thought we would try her in a baby walker. We did a little research before we made our purchase because we have uneven floors so we were looking to see if we could find one that has fairly large wheels that could tackle most terrains. I came across a couple that had large(ish) wheels but they weren’t the sit in kind. The little lady can’t pull herself up yet or walk on her own so I discounted them. We would just have to take a risk with the teeny tiny wheels and hope for the best.  Continue reading “Little Tikes cozy coupe activity walker.”

Losing the plot in the middle of the night.


When I was young I would have a recurring dream, not every night but every few months and actually it was more of a nightmare and I would remember every part of it in detail. This dream was the only dream that I could recall. Normally if I dreamt anything I would wake up in the morning not being able tell you anything about it ….. until recently. Continue reading “Losing the plot in the middle of the night.”