Losing the plot in the middle of the night.


When I was young I would have a recurring dream, not every night but every few months and actually it was more of a nightmare and I would remember every part of it in detail. This dream was the only dream that I could recall. Normally if I dreamt anything I would wake up in the morning not being able tell you anything about it ….. until recently.

Not long after having the little lady I started having incredibly vivid dreams, well I think they were dreams because I would be awake (or was I? maybe I was still asleep). I felt like I was waking up panicking that I had taken the little lady out of the her Moses basket and left her on the bed and then fallen asleep. I would be frantically running my hands over the duvet trying to find her but also trying not to wake Mr K.,  I was petrified that she was hurt, would get hurt or that I had lost her. Eventually I would wake up enough to realise that I could hear her breathing next to the bed safely in her basket.

This happened a number of times and then they suddenly stopped. I’m not sure why they started and then why they stopped, it might have had something to do with my nervousness at being a new parent and as I relaxed they became fewer and fewer. That’s what I told myself, but a couple of nights ago it started again. I didn’t feel quite so frantic  when I was trying to look for her but I was still afraid that she could be hurt or we could hurt her if she was left on the bed. Again she was fine and fast asleep in her bed. Even though I know that she’s ok I still end up lying awake for a while listening to her and worrying.

Maybe this is something that I need to look into to find out what is causing these dreams, or could that just make things worse? Fingers crossed they stop of their own accord, or I might just end up losing the plot.

A little side note: Don’t ever try to look for pictures related to bad dreams by googling nightmare pictures, it will end up giving you nightmares (stupid me).

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