Little Tikes cozy coupe activity walker.

The little lady has been showing some interest in being on her feet, so we thought we would try her in a baby walker. We did a little research before we made our purchase because we have uneven floors so we were looking to see if we could find one that has fairly large wheels that could tackle most terrains. I came across a couple that had large(ish) wheels but they weren’t the sit in kind. The little lady can’t pull herself up yet or walk on her own so I discounted them. We would just have to take a risk with the teeny tiny wheels and hope for the best. 

I then noticed in a bounty offers email that I had saying that the Little Tikes 3 in1 cozy coupe activity walker was on offer (I have to admit, that when I joined bounty they drove me potty with all the emails that I received but now that I have filtered a lot out the offers can be pretty good). So Mr K. and I gave it a look.

I have to say it looked cute, and in the bumph it said that it had an activity centre, bouncer and walker. Great! It should keep her entertained for hours. When it arrived and Mr K. put it together the activity centre left me a bit under whelmed. There are five buttons on the steering wheel, the car horn and then four buttons that each play a different tune. There is a fake key and gear stick that can be moved and make a noise and then a bar with a few rings that can be slid from one side to the other. This seems to be enough for the little lady. She is more than happy pressing the horn and trying to get one of the tunes to play.

We had bought it in the hope that she might be able to move herself around a little bit, but it seems that the little lady is just too little at the moment because her feet don’t reach the floor. This does not stop the fun though, instead of her moving herself Mr K. and I push her around like mad things with crazy music playing. The wheels haven’t been a problem for us, she scoots about just fine, but we don’t have any carpets. Maybe if we had carpets it would slow things down and Mr K. and I wouldn’t be left exhausted with the little lady still wanting to be pushed around the house. All in all a good buy, she loves it.

Beep Beep


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