A night away

Every year Mr K. and I try to do something nice to celebrate our wedding anniversary and we wanted this year to be no different. As our wedding anniversary is today, we decided that a weekend treat would be the best option. So we picked a hotel that we know and love and booked ourselves in.

There would be one change to this wedding anniversary celebration and that would be that the Little Lady was going to join us. Driftwood Hotel Nr. Portscatho is an amazing relaxing place with a fantastic restaurant and stunning views. I couldn’t ask for a nicer place to spend a night. This did however make me a little nervous about taking a small baby, it had the potential to be incredibly unrelaxing.

Testing the bed

The Hotel were brilliant before we arrived they asked if we would like a cot in the room, pretty standard, but when we booked a table for the restaurant we had one dilemma in that the Little Lady would not be allowed to join us, they were however more than happy for us to get the Little Lady settled and then go down for our meal accompanied by our baby monitor.

When we arrived I was even more impressed. We were given a room with a bath, a nappy bin had been placed in the bathroom and we were given a baby monitor that was guaranteed to work in the restaurant just in case ours didn’t. All we had to do was get the Little Lady to sleep.

Waiting for the Little Lady to fall asleep before Dinner
Mr K’s amazing starter

What can I say we made it! We managed the whole meal with no interruption, The Little Lady slept all night and woke around 7am. Mr K. brought her into bed for some cuddles and she promptly feel back to sleep giving us a lie in before we went down for our breakfast, which I have to say impressed me some more. Our table had a place set for the Little Lady, a high chair, a little bowl and cup just for her with a view over the sea. They are just small things but they make such a difference.


The hotel is set in gorgeous gardens and there is a path down to a private beach, which we took full advantage of, sitting in the sun and hunting for sea glass. A perfect way to spend the weekend if I do say so myself.

FullSizeRender 4
Happy Anniversary x

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