A Revelation

The Little Lady and I joined the Library today and now I’m asking myself why I didn’t do it sooner!

Little Lady’s Library card.

It’s not as if I had no idea where the Library was, we go there every week for a baby music session called Bounce and Rhyme but as I walked in I just thought that it would be outdated and there would be nothing I would read or could read to the Little Lady. How wrong could I be? The more I looked around the more impressed I was. I have a bit of an addiction to cookbooks and that addiction is starting to include baby cookbooks. Now with my little revelation, I can check out those books for free!

I’m hoping there will be some lush recipes in here.

A cookbook was not the only book that we borrowed. I did borrow a couple of books to read to the Little Lady.  We don’t have a great deal of space so borrowing books is a fab way for the Little Lady to have lots of books without us trying to store them, obviously the ones that she seems to like the most we can buy. Win Win!

A couple of books to get started with.

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