I like riding on my bike.

One of the things that we really like the idea of being able to do as a family was to be able to get out for a bike ride.

We inherited a weeride, which is a childs bike seat that sits between you and the handle bars on your bike. We love that we can see the Little Lady whilst she’s on the bike and should she fancy a little snooze whilst we are out she can rest her head on the squishy platform that is right in front of her. Because she sits in front of us, it just gives you that extra feeling of security as you ride with your arms around her, it does have a harness as well, it’s not totally down to you to keep them in the seat haha. There was one thing missing though, maybe we are being over cautious with this but we felt that she should have a bike helmet.

Mr K. took the task on of researching helmets and it appears that the smallest helmet that you can get is 45cm, which still seemed quite big. We measured the Little Ladies head and hers is 42cm, so it could be a while before her head is actually big enough to fit a helmet but we decided to go with it anyway.

We found a helmet that we liked, it was the Giro Scamp, that wasn’t it though, we then had the decision of whether to have a normal helmet or one with MIPS. I know …. what is MIPS?

MIPS is Multi-directional Impact Protection System, “it aims to reduce torsional and rotational forces or energy on the head in the event of an impact” says Mr K. I told you he did his research. Here it is in a way that I understand, in an ordinary helmet the polystyrene will take the impact, but most accidents involve a scuff or a twist to the head. This is where the MIPS helps, the helmet has an inner layer that is attached by little rubber blocks which allow it to move slightly, a bit like the skin over your knuckle. Therefore should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident the MIPS should reduce any injury to the head. I’m no expert but looking at the inside of the helmet, it does look like the MIPS would help.

When it arrived and we tried it on the Little Lady, we were really impressed with how well it fitted her. We were prepared to have to put a hat on underneath the helmet to get it to stay on but it was ok without. The only thing about the helmet was the lack of choice with colours, it was either blue or pink.

Better safe than sorry when Daddy is driving.

Now that we have the new helmet we had best get out and see how we get on so we ventured out at the weekend for a bike ride. I’m not sure she likes the wind in her face so much, but the helmet? She seems to like it, we like it and it is going to last her for ages.

Come on lets go!


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