Chew Chew

This teething malarky doesn’t seem to be going too badly ……. I’ve done it now though haven’t I? Soon I shall be writing about how bad it is, I will admit that the top teeth are causing more grief than the bottom ones but nothing I could really complain about.

We have a number of toys and chews to let the Little Lady gnaw on but the thing that I love the most, and she likes too are teething necklaces. If she’s not chewing on the beads she will pull the cord across her teeth, and if she’s not doing that she will just play with them and they can be a life saver if we’ve gone out and I haven’t got any toys with me ….. this is mainly when we’ve had a swimming lesson, I use it as a distraction when we are wrestling with her clothes. Other than something to help with teething I had hoped that it would provide my hair a little relief from her grabby hands. It hasn’t stopped her totally from trying to pull or suck my hair but it has reduced it a lot.


I was lucky enough to receive a number of these fab necklaces for Christmas, and they are gorgeous to wear even if you don’t have a teething baby/baby at all. I will definitely be ordering another one as my “summer one” haha …… yep any excuse. My necklaces came from boandbel and cost around £15.

2 thoughts on “Chew Chew

  1. My little boy has been teething since he was 12 weeks old. He’s now 7 months and still no teeth but plenty of slobber and grumblings. Part of me can’t wait until the teeth finally cut through. But then another part of me knows that the experience will be painful! Thanks for the necklace tip!


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