Hello middle of the night

Hello middle of the night, I was hoping that I wouldn’t be seeing you again quite so soon.

We have been very lucky that the Little Lady has slept through the night since she was 17 weeks old, but for some reason this has stopped. Since the beginning of May she has woken up almost every night around 4:30am (I appreciate that some people may not consider this the middle of the night), some nights as well as this wake up call we’ll have an earlier one around 1am. At first I thought that it was due to us having guests and her routine had been messed around. She had four nights in a row where she went to bed much later than I would normally like because of this I have made a concerted effort to try and get this back on track but I don’t seem to be doing a very good job at it. Generally she will go to bed at 7pm and fall asleep on the bottle, that would be it until 7/8am. Now we try to get her to sleep around 7pm – ┬ánote the word try, she no longer seems to fall asleep on the bottle and will be wide awake for another hour or so.

So does this mean that I should rule out routine as the issue? One thing we think we can rule out is whether the bedroom is too light. We bought temporary black out blinds that are amazing, so I don’t think the sun coming up and shining through the window is a problem. Although saying that 4:30am is close to the sun coming up and the birds are starting to sing at that time. Maybe it’s her teeth? Not only have her two front teeth come through but the ones on either side are making an appearance, so maybe it’s that? Maybe she’s cold? I have just been using blankets to keep her warm at night and she always manages to wriggle out so that she is covered by nothing. With this in mind I bought her a new sleeping bag in the hope that it will keep her warmer (first night in it and she slept through again, but I will keep you updated on whether it really does the trick). Maybe it’s just a faze????

What I am really saying in all this is I really don’t no what has changed and man I would love to know what has changed, then I might be able to put it right.

Wishful thinking.

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