A day out

We have been really lucky the past few days and have had amazing weather, this is unusual as we’ve had a bank holiday and it’s half term and generally the sun never shines for these two events.

A couple of friends and myself decided we would make the most of the weather and be mummies that lunch (with the little people of course) followed by some time on the beach.

In Cornwall we are starting to get inundated with holiday makers and one place you will normally see holiday makers and not locals this time of year is St Ives. Don’t get me wrong St Ives is gorgeous but it’s little cobbled streets can get pretty crowed. So when I visited once in August (stupid me) I swore that I would only return out of season. After saying all this where do you think we choose to go for our day out? Yep you got it St Ives. As an added treat for our little girls we dicided to take the train. This turned out to be a proper pain in the backside because the train was so busy we had to collapse the buggies and carry all of our stuff (plus baby) onto the packed train all in a short space of time, like some crazy quiz show. I was amazed at how helpful people were and that no one was going to let us take part in this crazy show alone, this was from the train conductors to the passengers. I’m saddened that I didn’t believe that people would be like that and I was almost put back to that place after one lonesome conductor threatened to not allow my friend and I on the train if we didn’t collapse out buggies right away – we had two sleeping babies and 20 mins to wait before the train arrived. My faith in humanity was restored again when a family stood up for us.

Anyway I digress, all of that to just say the girls loved the train and their time on the beach. The Little Lady was fascinated by the sand and kept digging it up with her hands, covering herself in it and attempting to eat it. I have found that Factor 50 sun cream is a really good glue for the sand, the Little Lady could turn herself into a sand sculpture in no time!


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