First proper shoes.

I have a bit of a thing for shoes and now I have started to love shoes for the Little Lady as well. I feel that this is just a natural progression ha!

We’ve bought the little lady a few pairs of soft sole shoes over the past few months, this was mainly because she was too small for proper shoes and I had been told by a Health Visitor that you shouldn’t put babies in to hard soles shoes until they’ve been walking for a least a few weeks. I could see the logic in this one because it is better for little people to be able to feel the floor well when they are first finding their feet. This has put me off buying proper shoes because the Little Lady isn’t walking properly yet but today I decided to ignore this (oh and I was drawn in by a sale, who isn’t?). My plan was that I was just going to get her feet measured but then I was faced with 3 pairs of the cutest shoes ┬áThat was it, they’d got me. I didn’t buy them all, just 1 pair and my mum found a pair in the sale 1/2 a size bigger (to keep for her as she grows) and she bought those.

It is recommended that little people under 2 years old should have their feet measured every 6-8 weeks (this is clarks shoe shop saying this, not me) so I’ve done it now, here’s to lots of little shoes!

Size 2f

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