Open Wide!

Mr K. and I recently had a dental appointment, obviously the Little Lady came along as well. We normally go in separately (my goodness this is exciting stuff, bear with me but I can’t promise it’ll get any better. Ha!) but thought that it would be a good idea for us all to go in together so that the Little Lady could start getting use to the different noises and smells. I had also thought about having her sat on my lap, whilst I was in the chair. As this is all new to me I left the Dentist to guide things.

The Dentist thought that it would be a good idea to have a look at the Little Lady’s teeth. So we sat her on my lap facing me and then lay her down so her head was resting on the dentists knees. Little Lady tolerated this for all of 30 seconds, luckily she only has 6 teeth so 30 seconds is all the dentist needed. The main thing is not really having a proper look, it was more to make sure she is not frightened of it all. For being so brave she was given a ballon (not a proper ballon, a glove blown up. She loved it) and a sticker. Thank heavens it wasn’t a lolly haha…. Lets see how she does in 6 months time.


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