Under the knife

Gowned up and ready to go

As I write this I am sat in a hospital waiting to have surgery on my lower back and this will be the start of a tough few months. Firstly the hospital is about 400 miles away from home, so Mr K and myself travelled to London the night before my surgery leaving the Little Lady in the capable hands of my amazing mum. This was a difficult decision but we felt that Mr K. would need to be there for me for a few days and as we are lucky enough to have family so close we knew that leaving her where she is happy and comfortable was the best idea. I had a small procedure on my back when the Little Lady was 6 months old but we were only gone for a day. This time we would be away for 5 days and it would be the longest we’ve been apart. The idea of being away from her broke my heart and I was also a little apprehensive about how she would be without me because she had started to become incredibly clingy. Secondly my recovery was going to be a difficult time for all of us. 6 weeks of no picking her up followed by another 6 weeks of not lifting her car seat into the car or leaning into her cot with her in my arms. I was going to need a lot of help but hopefully all of this will just be a minor blip. 

To be continued …..

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