Under the knife part 2

When Mr K. and I arrived home the Little Lady reduced me to tears. Mr K. picked her up and lent in with her for a cuddle and she lent in too, little arm out to go around my neck. She then lent back and touched my cheek smiling. This made my heart explode, we had missed her so much. As I cried she touched my eyes still smiling and then lent back in for a cuddle.

So I have been home for just over a week and it has been tough. I’m in a lot more pain than I was anticipating but the worst part is watching the Little Lady and not being able to do much with her. I can get myself on the floor to try and play a bit with her but she doesn’t want to be sat still at the moment. She wants someone to be holding her hands and walking around with her or picking her up and that person is not allowed to be me.

I can hold her, if I’m sat down and someone is passing her to me. So I get the occasional cuddle but sometimes that’s not enough. She has quite quickly learned that she needs to go to Daddy or Granny for things that she wants rather than coming to me, which makes me feel surplus to requirements!

Hey, less moaning from me and more counting down until life can get back to normal.

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