Happy Unbirthday!

I’ve been really lame about writing anything for some time now and I’m really late with this and completely missed writing anything on the Little Lady’s birthday. She turned one on the 29th July, I still can’t quite believe it. Actually I still can’t believe that we have a child, will I ever get used to it?

She had a quiet(ish) birthday, there wasn’t a big birthday party with loads of friends just a day out with family followed by a little birthday tea which the Little Lady didn’t eat much of because she was so tired by that point. So a total success for a first birthday I’d say.

Being totally clueless about this parenting malarkey I had no idea what the Little Lady would be able to do at this point. When she had her year review with the health visitor, which happened at nine months rather than a year – surely this should be called a nine month review not year review, and ……. Anyway, I will save you from that rant. I was told that the little lady was doing just fine.

So, what can she do at this stage. She chatters away in her own little language and boy she can do this well. She says mamma, dada and sometimes hiya. She eats everything that we eat, and loves lots of fruit. At meal times she tries to feed herself, sometimes this does end up with me wearing a most of her dinner. Walking – she can most definitely walk, just not on her own. We are down to her holding on to one finger, like this she is pretty quick, sometimes breaking into a run but as soon as you take that finger away she instantly stops, cries and sits down. Once she gets the confidence there will be no stopping her. I’m not sure which one is better, me always having to walk with her or chasing her around.

It’s been a fun first year, and I’m going to really miss her when I’m back at work.

Happy Unbirthday Little Lady!

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