We have a walker!

So, last week at 14 months 1 week the Little Lady decided to take some steps on her own! This was obviously greeted by lots of whoops and cheers from me, all of which I managed to catch on video.

As I had predicted, I was initially super excited about this but now it is just making me nervous. She started off very slowly, a few steps and then that was it she would plonk her bum on the floor and would only walk again holding on to my finger. As the week has gone on she has grown more and more confident and the amount she is walking has increased, this does quite nicely mean that other people get to see her walk whereas before it was as if I was making it up because she would not walk (or even stand) when I encouraged her in front of guests. In her head I know she is saying “Mummy, I am not a performing monkey”. Every now and then she will break into a little run, this is the bit that makes me nervous. If she is attempting a run now what will she be like once she has mastered walking? I might just have to attach some bells and a flag ( a bit like the flags that could be attached to your bike) so that I can keep track on her as she is running away from me and I am chasing her.

I now feel that I need to wrap her in padding as she spends a lot of her time falling over. I feel for her because I sometimes find standing upright tough going. 

The Little Lady currently does something new everyday which amazes me, or amused me but walking is such a massive milestone and it’s fab to watch 

Here I come!

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