Happy New Year!

Well what can I say life has been hectic and the Little Lady is changing quicker than a blink of the eye.
The arrival of winter brought with it a chest infection and the nasty Hand, Foot and Mouth. Not Foot and Mouth like cows get, yes haha we heard that a number of times, but the nasty little relative to the Chicken pox virus. This beast arrived the week running up to Christmas and although it looked nasty the Little Lady was generally still her chirpy self, she even danced around the doctors office when we went to get her checked out and when he said that any child that merrily dances around his office is ok enough not to be there we felt like right pilocks. The doctor said that during the winter months children can get at least one bug a month! That is just nuts, is that really right?! Best make sure that we have a good supply of tissues to get us through the next couple of months.

The Little Lady has changed so much recently and a lot is happening in a short space of time. We really take for granted that she is like a sponge watching and learning constantly. She is now incredibly competent with her walking and has mastered the two stairs that we have going into our kitchen (these are the only stairs that we have). Mr K. has put up a little handrail for her which she uses all the time. She is trying to talk more and more, and it really sounds like she is having a conversation with us. It’s just a shame that we currently don’t know what she is saying. In amongst all of this chattering we get words like mummy, no (didn’t take long for this one to come out), please, ta, she can now do the sign language for these last two and there are a number of other words that she can say, the most recent being stop. She will also high five, blow kisses and wave.

Christmas was lovely this year because she could get excited about all the lights and Christmas trees. We took her to see Father Christmas and after queuing for nearly an hour she cried when he spoke to her, she was probably crying at his beard. I’m by no means an expert in this are but it did look a little tired. The Little Lady managed to crack a smile when we said “time to go” merrily waving at him, probably whilst thinking “yes! I am out of here!” .

The Little Lady was given some gorgeous presents for Christmas, the two winners being a toy Hoover and a teaset. She’ll spend ages pushing her Hoover in and out of the rooms and then once that is done she will try feeding her teddies imaginary drinks with copious amounts of imaginary sugar. The loser in the toy stakes was Duplo, we currently love it more than she does. Maybe this is something that will change with time, her liking it that is because we will never stop loving it.

The most major thing to occur in this new year so far is potty related. The Little Lady has pooped on the potty for a long time, there have always been fairly obvious signs that she wanted to go, which would lead to a mad dash to the bathroom. This has been pretty successful and then a couple of weeks ago she toddled off to get her potty. This isn’t something that she does every time she wants the potty but it is getting more frequent. I was wondering when I should start thinking about potty training, maybe now is the time.


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