From Love to Hate

To say hate is probably too strong a word but the Little Lady is definitely not liking her swimming lessons any more.

The Little Lady has been having swimming lessons for some time now and she absolutely loved it, that was, before the photo shoot.  We loved that she loved her lessons, she enjoyed the splashing and us swishing her around she even didn’t mind going under the water.  Great, we thought.  Lets document this by doing an underwater photo shoot.  There was a session coming up, it would be a really nice souvenir…… turns out we couldn’t have been more wrong.

It all started off ok.  She was the smallest in the group so she would go first, this way she would spend less time in the water.  Our swimming instructor explained what would happen and took the Little Lady in preparation for her photographs.  The Little Lady took one look at the photographer and his camera (that happen to resemble some kind of creature from the black lagoon) and started to panic.  We tried to calm her down and thought that maybe if we did a family photo she might be a little happier, wrong!  We have never seen her so scared.  It was time to get out of the pool, but our instructor recommended that we wait until the Little Lady had stopped crying so there wouldn’t be the association of freaking out and the pool. We had to wait ages.

This was over 6 months ago.  We had hoped that by preserving the Little Lady would start to enjoy her lessons again.  I don’t think things are quite as bad as they were, maybe this is me just trying to convince myself. The week after the photo shoot we couldn’t even stand where the photos were being taken, now we can move freely around the pool and I don’t think she makes so much of a fuss about being in the water.  If she could splash around and play she would be happy but as soon as we try to get her to do anything that she is supposed to in the lessons she starts to make a fuss and clings to me like a limpet. At least now we are at the stage where she will participate slightly in the class but every now and again she will hold on to myself or Mr K. as if her life depends on it.  We decided that we need to change things a little, so now instead of us both going in Mr K. takes her whilst I stay at home for a little “time on my own”/running around like a mad thing trying to do the shopping and clean the house whilst no-one else is around.  This does seem to have helped slightly, at least now she can’t try and move between the two of us depending on who she thinks will give her the most sympathy.

Her lessons have now finished for the summer.  We will carry on taking her swimming but will just focus on having fun in the water.  Fingers crossed her love of the pool will return, I shall keep you posted.


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