Road Trippin’

Woo hoo, we have been on our first family holiday!

We had thought about this for quite a while and had decided that flying somewhere may not be our best option. We struggle to travel light at the best of times and we also didn’t want to risk the Little Lady screaming for an entire flight (driving passengers and us mental) and totally putting us off going on holiday ever again.

So, we chose a long car journey followed by a ferry crossing followed by an even longer car journey in France. So that we could go to the Alps and introduce the Little Lady to some snow (we live in Cornwall and the chance of her seeing it here is slim to none) That would be a doddle huh?

We went ahead and booked the Ferry and accommodation, that was when the panic started to set in. We were worried about a flight but instead we had chosen to trap the Little Lady in a car with us for an incredibly long time. What were we thinking?!!

We needed to arm ourselves and be ready for whatever she chucked at us. We felt that hours of Bing or Twirlywoos would be a better option than an upset Little Lady so we bought an in-car DVD player, this was going to be for emergencies only, we didn’t want it on the whole way there and the whole way back; I sing the theme tunes most of the time now, if I had listened to it for both legs of the journey I may never sing/hum anything else ever again. Our other plan was to have plenty of snacks.

It turns out that we didn’t need the DVD player. Driving in France wasn’t too bad, and we were pleasently surprised at the amount of children’s play areas that you could pull in to use. The best one that we came across was Aire de Jugy. It looked like something out of Teletubbie land with brightly colour mushrooms that were slides and climbing frames. The little lady loved it and spent over an hour playing. Which meant that she had worn herself out enough to sleep a bit more on the next part of the journey.

Aire de Jugy

Nearly there

Having survived the journey we could relax a little more and enjoy our time away. Mr K. had purchased a pair of teeny tiny plastic skis for The Little Lady and along with this we had an old school sledge (by old school I mean wooden with metal runners not a plastic tray) that Mr K. has had stored in our shed for a couple of years hoping that one day he would get to use it.  I will admit that The Little Lady’s feet are only just big enough for the skis but this didn’t seem to bother her, she wanted to move so she just needed to drag these little things along.


She’s to young for lessons yet but that was just fine for us and on this trip we just wanted to suss things out and it not to be too serious. I think that most ski schools will start lessons from 3 years old, if your little one is any younger than that then private lessons are a possible option.

I’m not much of a skier or boarder (at the moment) but there was plenty for us to do without having to step on the slopes. We spent a gorgeous morning soaking up the sun and walking around Lac Tueda at Meribel Mottaret, and I had the opportunity to visit a French Pharmacy where my eyes almost popped out of my head at the amazing selection of skincare. I didn’t get to buy anything though because The Little Lady is not so interested in this stuff (not yet anyway haha!).

Lac Tueda

A road trip to France turned out to be the perfect first holiday for us. The journey was good, the snow was good and the food was great. Looking forward to going again next year! 


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