2 year update

When I first started writing this the Little Lady was far closer to 2 years old than she was 3.  I filed it away and never got around to finishing it, but as we rapidly approach her 3rd birthday I really want to publish this little piece, even if it doesn’t say much.

I can’t quite believe it but the Little Lady is now 2 yrs 4 months old.  I always thought it was a bit of cliche when people would say to me “They grow so quickly, make the most of it” but wow! that time really has flown by! I still can’t believe that she is our daughter and keep waiting for someone to come along, thank us so much for looking after her and take her away.  So the thought that we have a 2 year old blows my mind a little.

Her first birthday was a milestone.  We had made it, survived a year. We had managed to keep her and ourselves alive and Mr K. and I still liked each other. Well done us we gave ourselves a pat on the back, but her second birthday just seemed to be bigger.  Maybe this was because it was far more about her. She is becoming a fantastic human being, her personality is developing and she can have conversations with us. She is funny, polite and loving (gush, gush, sorry but she is), all of this just made her second birthday seem like a far bigger milestone.

We had decided that it would be nice to just have a small family affair for her second birthday because she is still so small.  Saying that she was so much more aware of her birthday this year (obviously she would be a bit more, I know)  but she had started to tell us what she would like when we spoke about it.  She had very simple requests; it’s a shame that it won’t stay like that, all she asked for was cake and dancing.  This is not too dissimilar to my birthday requests, I would just ask for an alcoholic drink as well, ha!

The Little Lady is still pretty dinky so could probably do with a little more cake, she is currently in 12-18 month clothing with the occasional 9-12 month item.  What she lacks in height she most definitely makes up for in personality.  She will regularly fetch some of her instruments like maracas and bells and tell us to play them.  Apparently she does this at nursery too,  forming her own little band with some of the other children.

As cheesy as it sounds I love spending time with her and look forward to what the next year will bring.


Happy 2nd Birthday

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