2 year update

When I first started writing this the Little Lady was far closer to 2 years old than she was 3.  I filed it away and never got around to finishing it, but as we rapidly approach her 3rd birthday I really want to publish this little piece, even if it doesn’t say much. Continue reading “2 year update”

Road Trippin’

Woo hoo, we have been on our first family holiday!

We had thought about this for quite a while and had decided that flying somewhere may not be our best option. We struggle to travel light at the best of times and we also didn’t want to risk the Little Lady screaming for an entire flight (driving passengers and us mental) and totally putting us off going on holiday ever again. Continue reading “Road Trippin’”

Happy Unbirthday!

I’ve been really lame about writing anything for some time now and I’m really late with this and completely missed writing anything on the Little Lady’s birthday. She turned one on the 29th July, I still can’t quite believe it. Actually I still can’t believe that we have a child, will I ever get used to it? Continue reading “Happy Unbirthday!”

Under the knife part 2

When Mr K. and I arrived home the Little Lady reduced me to tears. Mr K. picked her up and lent in with her for a cuddle and she lent in too, little arm out to go around my neck. She then lent back and touched my cheek smiling. This made my heart explode, we had missed her so much. As I cried she touched my eyes still smiling and then lent back in for a cuddle.

Continue reading “Under the knife part 2”

Under the knife

Gowned up and ready to go

As I write this I am sat in a hospital waiting to have surgery on my lower back and this will be the start of a tough few months. Firstly the hospital is about 400 miles away from home, so Mr K and myself travelled to London the night before my surgery leaving the Little Lady in the capable hands of my amazing mum. This was a difficult decision but we felt that Mr K. would need to be there for me for a few days and as we are lucky enough to have family so close we knew that leaving her where she is happy and comfortable was the best idea. I had a small procedure on my back when the Little Lady was 6 months old but we were only gone for a day. This time we would be away for 5 days and it would be the longest we’ve been apart. The idea of being away from her broke my heart and I was also a little apprehensive about how she would be without me because she had started to become incredibly clingy. Secondly my recovery was going to be a difficult time for all of us. 6 weeks of no picking her up followed by another 6 weeks of not lifting her car seat into the car or leaning into her cot with her in my arms. I was going to need a lot of help but hopefully all of this will just be a minor blip. 

To be continued …..

Out for lunch – and over friendly people.

A couple of Fridays ago and after a couple of hours looking at nurseries for the Little Lady we decided that we should do the sensible thing and get a bite to eat, as you do.
We settled ourselves in to a nice Malaysian restaurant – one that used to be a bit of a favourite before bambino. It was coming up to 2pm so it was nice and quiet and we had a pick of the seats, which was ideal because all the other people that were eating looked as if they wouldn’t be overly impressed with a baby on the table next to them – you no when you can just tell? I have to confess that maybe I can tell because I used to be a little like that (eek!)

As it was so quiet Mr K. decided to take the Little Lady over to the open kitchen so that she could be nosey, which she loved and the chef seemed to take a shine to her. The next thing we know the chef is making his way over and handing the Little Lady a prawn cracker – people offering her food without checking with me first is a bit of a bug bear of mine, but as it wasn’t a big lump of cake we politely thanked him and let her nibble away. The chef happy that the Little Lady was happy walked back to the kitchen and left us to our lunch. 

The Little Lady spent lunch smiling at the chef and waving, so before we knew it he was back. This time the chef took her from my arms (this is ok, we are happy for her to go to different people in the hope it will make her more sociable) and he was having a great time making her laugh but then the chef started to kiss her little cheek – Mr K. and myself kept looking at each other both thinking this is a touch weird and at what point do you go “HEY! Give me my baby back!” There were a couple of things that stopped me 
1. I’m incredibly British and stupidly worry that I would have offended the chef.

2. More importantly the Little Lady was happy and we were watching the whole time. 

So that day the Little Lady had a number of firsts, she saw a couple of different nurseries (a first for us aswell), she tried a prawn cracker and tempura veg and she was held by a complete stranger.

A Revelation

The Little Lady and I joined the Library today and now I’m asking myself why I didn’t do it sooner!

Little Lady’s Library card.

It’s not as if I had no idea where the Library was, we go there every week for a baby music session called Bounce and Rhyme but as I walked in I just thought that it would be outdated and there would be nothing I would read or could read to the Little Lady. How wrong could I be? The more I looked around the more impressed I was. I have a bit of an addiction to cookbooks and that addiction is starting to include baby cookbooks. Now with my little revelation, I can check out those books for free!

I’m hoping there will be some lush recipes in here.

A cookbook was not the only book that we borrowed. I did borrow a couple of books to read to the Little Lady.  We don’t have a great deal of space so borrowing books is a fab way for the Little Lady to have lots of books without us trying to store them, obviously the ones that she seems to like the most we can buy. Win Win!

A couple of books to get started with.