Hi! If you are reading this then thank you.

My husband (Mr K) and friends know me affectionately as Pea. We are incredibly lucky to live in Cornwall and occasionally take advantage of living in the country when work isn’t getting in the way.

Mr K and I have been married for 13 years and in 2015 we embarked on a new stage in our relationship… We became parents!

Anyone that knows us knew how scared we were about this massive change. At times we struggled to look after ourselves and the thought of looking after a helpless baby was terrifying. When our gorgeous little girl was born, luckily for us, all our fears vanished and now we can’t remember why we were so scared.

I am mainly writing this for our little girl. Hopefully one day she will look back at this and enjoy seeing what we all got up to. It’s also a way for me to write about my life, loves and maybe a couple of gripes.

Enjoy x


I mustn’t forget to introduce Scooter our Bearded Dragon