Life at work under lockdown

This is what life has been like at work. It has gradually been getting busier, but nothing like we are used to. There’s no doubt that as we try to head towards life returning to normal, you have to ask yourself “what will be the new normal?”

On my own
Samples from possible Covid patients waiting to be dealt with.
Eerie empty corridors

Mad world

What a crazy scary time we are living in at the moment.  The country is now into it’s second week on lockdown. People have been panic buying everything they can get their hands on but at the same time trying to carry on taking their precious holidays.  I mean really, people trying to go on holiday as soon as the schools closed has to be one of the craziest things.

I have to admit that I have felt quite calm about all of this even from the first moment they spoke about it at work…. I work in a hospital laboratory analysing blood and other bodily fluids.  We treat every sample as if it is infectious so this meant that we didn’t really have to change any of our procedures but as it was something that was affecting the entire country we spoke about it in our daily huddles.  Still, this didn’t panic me.  Sat at home all safe and sound pretending that the world was carrying on as normal, was fine until I had to get some food.  The first time that I walked into a supermarket after the country started to panic made me feel like we had entered into a zombie apocalypse film.


Mr K and myself were in London because I had a hospital appointment, the country wasn’t on lock down but the nation was freaking out.  There was no food on the shelves, people were walking around with only their eyes on show, hands covered with ill fitting gloves and mile long queues to pay for items.  Now was the time that I could feel the panic rising in my chest.  I was no longer in the safety of my bubble and it had very quickly become very real.  I didn’t want to hang around I had to get out.

Yet, here we are two at the end of our second week of lockdown back to feeling calm again. Not just in the safety of my home but also when I go to get some food for the family, it’s by no means a normal shopping experience but it’s bearable.  I remind myself that this will not be forever and we will get through it.  The girls and I bake lots, and dance lots: I dance to work off the cake haha…

How are you managing? What do you do to cope?