She made me do it!

Before having a little one I could safely say that I was quite “indoorsy”. Mr K. loves being outside and finding adrenaline filled things to do, but I enjoy the quieter things and would rarely put myself out of my Comfort zone. I would try different things so Mr K. and I could do things together but if I didn’t have to I wouldn’t push myself……..until now.  Continue reading “She made me do it!”

Out for lunch – and over friendly people.

A couple of Fridays ago and after a couple of hours looking at nurseries for the Little Lady we decided that we should do the sensible thing and get a bite to eat, as you do.
We settled ourselves in to a nice Malaysian restaurant – one that used to be a bit of a favourite before bambino. It was coming up to 2pm so it was nice and quiet and we had a pick of the seats, which was ideal because all the other people that were eating looked as if they wouldn’t be overly impressed with a baby on the table next to them – you no when you can just tell? I have to confess that maybe I can tell because I used to be a little like that (eek!)

As it was so quiet Mr K. decided to take the Little Lady over to the open kitchen so that she could be nosey, which she loved and the chef seemed to take a shine to her. The next thing we know the chef is making his way over and handing the Little Lady a prawn cracker – people offering her food without checking with me first is a bit of a bug bear of mine, but as it wasn’t a big lump of cake we politely thanked him and let her nibble away. The chef happy that the Little Lady was happy walked back to the kitchen and left us to our lunch. 

The Little Lady spent lunch smiling at the chef and waving, so before we knew it he was back. This time the chef took her from my arms (this is ok, we are happy for her to go to different people in the hope it will make her more sociable) and he was having a great time making her laugh but then the chef started to kiss her little cheek – Mr K. and myself kept looking at each other both thinking this is a touch weird and at what point do you go “HEY! Give me my baby back!” There were a couple of things that stopped me 
1. I’m incredibly British and stupidly worry that I would have offended the chef.

2. More importantly the Little Lady was happy and we were watching the whole time. 

So that day the Little Lady had a number of firsts, she saw a couple of different nurseries (a first for us aswell), she tried a prawn cracker and tempura veg and she was held by a complete stranger.